4B Anglo-Saxon Parents Celebration Event

IMG_0461 IMG_0473 IMG_0466 Thank you to all of those parents who were able to come and celebrate the learning we have done this half term.


The children enjoyed sharing their Anglo-Saxon stories with you, and we really hope you enjoyed their performances of them! The children had put in a huge amount of effort into their plays. IMG_0551   IMG_0549 IMG_0561 IMG_0562

The children also created some amazing information texts about the Anglo-Saxons and how the y lived, making sure they included lots of useful information such as information about the villages, weapons and armour and even the jobs that the Anglo-Saxons had! IMG_0568  IMG_0576IMG_0574 IMG_0580

We then ended the afternoon with the class story ‘Beowulf’, along with juice and biscuits. We hope you enjoyed the class story as much as we have!