Last week 6M noticed some strange activity going on between the staff at Park Spring Primary School … then unexpectedly a secret file went missing from Miss Murphy’s stock cupboard. Without the secret file the whole school could have been in danger! Bravely, 6M went undercover, as spies, for the week and monitored the staff to try and discover who had the missing file.

Not only did the children take part in undercover surveillance, they also kept evidence diaries to note down times and descriptions of suspicious activity.

6M were so successful in their spy missions that a trained professional from the army came to recruit new talent. Shane led a boot camp activity, and really put the children through their paces.

Each child was working on their independent learning throughout the learning unit, and was in control of choosing which activities they were going to complete. Miss Murphy was very impressed with the range of ways children chose to present their independent work.

Eventually the children cracked the secret code and managed to get the secret file back into safe hands.  Well done 6M!